The aim of this face archive is to collect contributions from photography and other expressive forms that enhance the peculiarities of the face. The image of the faces collected in this section will therefore constitute a gallery of expressions, emotions, feelings, ideas, conditions and relationships: all that from the human face originates and from sense to the world.

The comparison, and the clash, between the inner and external dimension, between the aesthetic of the faces and the ethics of the face, between who we feel we are and what we want to show others: all this inevitably consolidates in our meat, In its lines, in its signs, in its openings and closures. And it can be depicted, shared, made just if you put in front of it, really face to face, to others and others with sincerity, courage and openness.

These first collections are the start of a job that aims to collect different, heterogeneous, authentic and non -compliant contributions, to help give our faces a vision full of meaning and generating relationships.